Land of Old

by Eldertale

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released June 27, 2014



all rights reserved


Eldertale Kiev, Ukraine

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Track Name: Exile
Sitting in the hall of stone
He waits for his time to come

Somewhere, lost in the Old World
In a place where earth meets the sky
Stands a ‘lone peak… in all of its might
Ravens above it
As black as the night
Guarding the peace of the one who resides in the tunnels
Deep down inside

Deep down inside
Where the dark reigns eternally
Where seasons never know change
A man of times long forgotten quietly waits
To take back his throne
And restore all that he left behind
Decades have passed since his exile
Yet fire still burns in his eyes

Years he spent in this desolate place
Amid the starless night
Alone in the dark, he watches and waits
With only a sword by his side
His black sentinels in the sky
For conquest and glory he’ll soon fight again
The time to return is at hand

Sitting in the hall of stone
He waits for his time to come


Chorus 2:
A dim light chases the darkness away
He’s summoned back to his throne
The ravens are leaving their mountain home
No foe will remain in his way
Anguish, turmoil
Under one banner all lands will unite
Chains of the endless slumber are broken
Hail the return of the king!
Track Name: Land of Old
Hear this tale of the Land of Old
Where legends come to life
Where wondrous beasts roam the forests and seas
And the Moon shines as bright as the Sun

Hear my tale of the Land of Old
Where only chosen dare to walk
And countless stars light the sky up at night,
Such a beautiful sight to behold

Gaze deep into the night and you shall see its secrets unfold
Falling into a world unknown

Show no fear, show no pain
Wither not in the cold and rain
You will never be alone anymore
Seek your shelter from the storm
Take a step inside the fire
Walk into the heart of the night
You shall find all that you’ve been searching for
In the rays of the fading light

Hear the song of the fallen leaves
Being played by the wind
See the colors of the rain flow
Let your spirit fly free

Heed the call
Of the hunter’s horn
As it echoes in the night
While the fires are burning bright
Singing odes to the journeyman’s pride

Follow me into the Land of Old
See legends come to life
Free your soul from the chains of gold
And let freedom fill your heart

On these winding roads
We’ll walk forevermore
And meet many just like us
Along the way
By the mystic rites until the end of time
Our names shall be carved in stone

Track Name: Time of Ancient
In the times of the ancient
There lived a great hero
Who in his lifetime
Slew many foul beasts
He build his cabin
On the edge of the forest
Where he hoped to find peace
But the village people
Came for his help
To ask for his aid in their fight
They pleaded to the hero
“Help us defeat
The dreaded hunter of the night”

With the light of the sun
He prepared himself
To begin a new quest
He must now undertake on his own
But the witch of the forest
Came to his cabin
To warn of the perils
“Not a mere fiend, but a Demon Lord
Fight him and you shall find only death”

Elder's Tale:
Neglected was the witch’s warning
Our hero set out on his quest
Into the abandoned caves
He ventured underground
Long was his journey
Through the perilous labyrinth
Bodies of those before him
Reminded of the price of failure
And in the darkest corner of the deepest cavern
He found the Demon Lord
A giant in the eyes of men
A fiery whip in hand
Hell’s fires burned within the demon’s eyes
He readied for attack
And as the hero drew his sword
The beast unleashed a fearsome roar

Sword pierced flesh and steel met bone
In a fierce battle of wills
The dreaded beast fell to its knees
And drew its final breath

Glory goes to those who fight
Despite the fading odds
Above the body of the demon lord
Our hero stands triumphant